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Come and Try Dive with Derby BSAC 


A Try Dive is a great way to decide whether you want to learn or just want to try something new. And you can now with Derby BSAC 

You will be kitted out with club equipment and an instructor will take you for approximately 30 minutes in the pool. This will give you a good introduction to scuba diving and a feel for what it is like underwater.


A try dive costs £20 for one person or £35 for two persons.


To book your try dive please email us at:


New to Diving?


We have excellent facilities for learning to dive and you can borrow diving equipment while you're training. Training is based on an individual's needs and is usually done on a one-to-one basis.


Indoor pool sessions take place at the Moorways Sports Village Centre in Derby on Wednesdays at 8pm - 9.30pm. When both you and your instructor are happy with the progress you are making, you can move on to the outdoor training sessions. This usually takes place at Stoney Cove and Dosthill, both of which are well established scuba diving training facilities.

The club has several qualified instructors who have a wide range of diving experience gained over many years. They give their time freely to train new members of the club to dive.


BSAC Diver Grades


As a member of Derby BSAC, you can progress your skills and experience or just join our club trips.


The BSAC Diver Grade Training courses provide a full training programme that enables divers to progress from beginner to experienced through a framework of qualifications at their own pace.


There are five internationally-recognised BSAC diver grades, from the entry level Ocean Diver through to our highest grade, First Class Diver.

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