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Derby BSAC Club welcomes Non-BSAC Qualified Divers


Derby BSAC club welcomes non-BSAC qualified divers into the club. If you have learnt to dive in warm clear waters and want to dive at home, joining a BSAC club can be an ideal way of gaining the additional training and experience you will need to dive safely in the UK. And if you've not dived for a while, come along for a `Scuba Refresher Session' with us.

Joining a BSAC club is an excellent way of finding diving buddies. Safe and enjoyable diving relies on having a buddy you can trust and feel comfortable with. You will have the opportunity to dive with people who have a wide range of interests, including marine life, wrecks, photography and just about anything else found underwater!

The table below lists the current crossover qualification levels that have been agreed by BSAC, PADI, SSI and SSAC:












If you have qualified with an agency not listed in the table above, please contact us at for the crossover qualification levels.


While BSAC offers a very structured approach to crossover training, as a club we will first assess your current level of experience by asking you to dive with one of our instructors. We will then, if required, agree an individual training programme suited to your specific needs.

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