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Membership Details

If you are new to diving, or are returning after a break, have a look at our Come and Try Dive page.

Derby BSAC is a non-profit organisation which is why our fees are very competitive.

Subscription Includes:

  • Membership of BSAC
  • Training for BSAC qualifications by Nationally qualified instructors
  • Monthly BSAC 'Scuba' magazine for members
  • 3rd Party Liability Insurance through BSAC
  • Access to BSAC Skill Development Courses
  • Use of the pool at Queen's Leisure Centre during the Club's weekly training slot
  • Invitation to attend Club diving trips and social activities
  • Use of club equipment

Full Diving Membership from just £15 per month

Discounts for students and additional family members available

BSAC training packs are priced from £19 each, and are required for each additional qualification.

Contact us for more details by emailing us at: