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The Derby BSAC Book of Diving Excuses

Should you not be able to attend one of the Derby BSAC Dive Trips, please find the allowable excuses from our book and have it approved by our Diving Officer. Should you not find your excuse within the book, please submit it to our Diving Officer, and if he approves of it, we will add it to the book.

  1. Personal Circumstances
    1. I'm putting up skirting board in the house this weekend

  1. Health
    1. Contagious Diseases
      1. Colds and flus (Note: some of the more esoteric diseases such as Lassa Fever and Ebola may not be accepted by the Diving Officer without a medical certicate)

  1. Possible Underwater Problems
    1. My neck/wrist seals started leaking

  1. Environmental Conditions
    1. Weather
      1. It's too cold to go diving (..since the onset of global warming, this is becoming less acceptable)
      2. It's too hot to go diving (..I'll just sit and watch from this beach-side bar)
      3. It's too rough to go diving (..I have no wish to see my breakfast again)
      4. It's raining really hard
      5. It's not raining, so the wife is making me cut the grass
    2. Sea Temperature
      1. The sea is too cold
      2. The sea is too hot...I only have a drysuit and thick wooly bear

  1. Equipment
    1. Cylinders
      1. My cylinder is out of test
      2. My cylinder is empty
      3. My cylinder is full (..and it would be a shame to use up all that lovely air)
      4. Oh cylinder is still in my garage
    2. Regulators
      1. My regulators are being tested
      2. My regulators don't have the right fitting for my cylinder
    3. BCDs
    4. Suits
      1. My suit has shrunk during the winter
      2. No-one will dive with me, because my suit is made from orange, lime green and turquoise panels
      3. I didn't know that you couldn't tumble dry a wetsuit and I'm waiting in for the man to come and scrape off all the black bits from the inside of the Zanussi
      4. I have ripped off my wrist seal, so i can't dive anymore this holiday
    5. Masks
      1. My mask keeps fogging up
      2. My mask is too big and keeps leaking during dives
    6. Fins
      1. My fins are at the cobblers
      2. My fin straps have snapped